Today’s panchangam
Today date -15 th February 2019
Today’s Good time for all countries 10.59am to 12.30pm
Country wise today’s Rahu Time
Rahu Kalam- 10.51am to 12.10pm
Rahu Kalam- 11.01am to 12.15pm
Rahu Kalam- 11.49am to 1.18pm
Rahu time- 11.55am to 1.33pm
India/Sri Lanka
Rahu Kalam- 11.12am to 12.35pm
Middle East
Rahu Kalam- 11.07pm to 12.32pm

Today’s Horoscope
Today date -15 th February 2019
Vedic Star – Magiram or Mrigashiri/ Arudra or Thiruvathira (afternoon)

Today Moon is in Gemini Zodiac Sign /Mithun Rashi, people belonging to this sign will experience
unnecessary expenses. You will enjoy meals with family. You will receive help from others. You may
also visit a shrine with family today. Finance, business, career improvement indicated. Today it is 50%
positive day for Gemini persons.
Cancer Zodiac Sign /Karkadam or Karka Rasi persons experience slow down in all activities. An
average day for finances. Over expenses indicated. Be cautious of health. Today it is 30% positive for
Cancer persons.

For Leo Zodiac Sign/Simham/Chingam Rashi persons will have magical improvement in financial,
business and career sectors. You will receive help from relatives. Today it is 75% positive for Leo
For Virgo Zodica Sign / Kanya or Kanni Rashi persons It will be an average day for finances, career and
businesses. You may receive good news. You will decide to buy something expensive today. Today it is
50% positive for Virgo persons. You will receive respect from others.

Libra Zodiac Sign / Thulam or Thula Rashi persons will have a Slowdown in finance, career, and
business activities. Avoid new projects. Health may suffer. Today it is 30% positive for Libra persons.

For For Scorpio Zodiac Sign or Vrichika Rashi persons, will experience mental depression. Moon in the
8 th House causes Chandra Ashtamam position, which is not favorable to you. Do not start new projects
today. It is 30% positive for Scorpio person.

For Sagittarius Zodiac Sign or Dhanu Rashi. . Business, finance and career will have average
improvement. Health problems indicated. Partner and lover will share your problems. Avoid new
projects. It is 30% positive for Sagittarius persons.
For Capricorn Zodiac Sign / Makaram or Makara Rashi, persons will experience very significant financial
improvement. Unexpected improvement in career and business also indicated. You may undertake any
new projects or enter into new contracts today. Peace of mind will prevails.Today it is 75% positive for
Capricorn persons.
Today Moon is in Aquarius Zodiac Sign or Kumbha Rashi parsons will have issues in career, finances
and businesses. Avoid new projects and agreements today. Today it is 30% positive for Aquarius
For Pisces Zodiac Sign or Meenam Rashi persons will have a successful day today. Y Financial
business and career improvement indicated.You will feel the happiness throughout the day. Expenses
indicated.Today it is 75% positive day for Pisces persons.
Aries Zodiac Sign /Medham or Mesha Rashi persons will be successful in all activities today. Business,
career, and finances will have significant improvement. You may undertake any new project or enter into
any new agreement today. Today it is 75% positive day for Aries persons.
Taurus Zodiac Sign/ Rishaba or Edavam Rashi, persons will experience obstacles in all actions. Mental
depression indicated, tensions will rise. Be cautious of business, career and finances. Today it is 30%
positive day for Taurus persons.

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