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Today’s Horoscope / Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope

Today’s Horoscope / Daily Horoscope Today date – 17th August 2019 Vedic Star – Chathayam Today too Moon is in Aquarius Zodiac Sign or Kumbha Rashi You will feel a magical happiness.  It is a 75% positive day for Aquarius persons. Good day for career and finances and business. For Pisces Zodiac Sign or Meenam […]

Birthday prediction / Today Birthday Astrology Prediction

Birthday Astrology

Today day  –  Saturday (17/08/2019) Today is Saturday; millions of people are celebrating their birthday today. For those who are celebrating their birthday on Saturday, we wish you a very happy birthday to you all. Gruji’s blessings are with you. Astrology forecast for those celebrating their birthday on Saturday is as follows.  According to Vedic […]

Leo Zodiac Sign/Simham/Chingam Rashi 2019 Astrology Predictions including these stars ( Magha or Magham, Pubba or Pooram, Uttaram or Uthiram (1st Padam).

Leo Zodiac Sign Predictions 2019

Astrology Vedic Predictions for Year 2019 for all Zodiac Sign!

Indian astrology 2019up Astrological predictions for Year 2019 for all Zodiac signs We are now entering the New Year 2019. While we welcome the New Year, we will now see in which zodiac signs the Nine Planets (Navagraha) are residing based on Vedic Astrology.The Vedic New Year 2019 begins in Libra Moon Sign.  As per Hindu […]

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