Libra Zodiac Sign / Thulam or Thula Rashi 2019 Astrology Prediction

Libra Zodiac Sign / Thulam or Thula Rashi 2019 Astrology Prediction including these stars (Chitta or Chitira(3,4 padas), Swati or Chothi, Vishaka or Vishakham(1,2,3 padams).

When we ring the new year 2019 the moon will be in Libra,The Moon is in own house Libra.  This year Libra people will have the opportunity of receiving all good things.  Libra people will be successful in any work which they will undertake and their health will be on the good side.  Any sicknesses Libra people may have had in the past will cease or may be fully recovered.  For Business people, Students and Employers this year will be a very successful and good year.  For Government employees, their wish for transfers to other areas will be successful.  This year will be very good for people of  this sign to purchase property or vehicles.  After March 2019 it is possible for them to get surprise money such as from lotteries or gifts.  This year you will have happiness among your family members.  After March this year it is possible that one of your family members will have to undergo an operation. The year 2019 will be a year for travelling abroad. Overall in 2019 Libra Zodiac sign people will have a very favourable time


Libra (Thula) Zodiac sign 2019 Financial situation will be very good.  This year Libra people will get extra income and also will be able to have a good savings. For marriage, to purchase precious items or for home renovations this money will have full benefit.  For Businessmen it is a very good year.  Any new venture a businessmen undertakes this year  will be successful also any businesses done at present will be expanded.  Libra Zodiac sign people will have to  spend their money in a good manner and part of their earnings will have to be saved for their future  life too, as this good period may not come again.


For Libra (Thula) Rashi people this year they would be able to work happily.  Also, their career will be improved.  Libra people who are in the fields of Art, Media, Film, Teaching, Research will have good progress and appreciation.  This period is a good time for procuring foreign jobs.  For IT field people, new projects will be approved and appreciated.  Also, Libra people working abroad are likely to improve their positions. For students, it is a very successful year as their education will be in a good situation.  Anybody trying foreign education also will be successful.


People in Libra (Thula) Rashi do not have to worry about their health this year.  You will have only minor ailments and will be recovered quickly.  All ailments you have had during the past will be better or recovered this year.


According to Libra Rashi, family relations will be up to the apex.  You will be happy with your partner and Love, enjoy and have a good understanding this year.  All family members will  enjoy and live happily.  However, you might have arguments with your distance relatives.  Love wise this year will be strong and sweet.

Effects of various Planetary transitions in the year 2019 for Libra (Thula or Thulam)  Rashi:

On 07-03-2019 at 05:28 a.m. transit of Rahu from 10th house Cancer  Rashi to 9th house Mithuna (Gemini)..This transit is not favaourable

On 07-03-2019 at 05:28 a.m. transit of Ketu which is in Capricorn will transit into Sagittarius.  This transit will be in Libra’s 3rd house.  This is favourable for Libra.

On 29-03-2019 at 03:06 a.m. Guru (Jupitar), Libra in 2nd house moves to Sagittarius, this is 3rd house for Libra and it is a good transit for Libra.. This transit is not favourable.

On 23-04-2019 at 18:49 p.m. Jupiter will retrograde in Scorpio Rashi from Sagittarius.  It will re-enter to Scorpio.  This transition is favourable for Libra.

Guruji says:

Year 2019 Gochara Phalam for people of  Libra Sign.

Libra (Thula) Rashi Gochara Phalam.for Libra (Thula) Rashi this year is very good.  God Blessings and a precious year.Good Financial period.  Happy and enjoyable life.

As this is a good time for you, be humble and respect people, so that you will get God’s Blessings more and more and also do some charities.

If your Birth chart and planetary positions in your horoscope is good, this Gochara Phalam will not be so bad.  With remedies and prayers, may you have a good year ahead.  This Gochara Phalam effects 80% natives of Libra (Thula) Rashi Moon Zodiac sign Prediction 2019

Remedies/Pariharam for Libra/ Tula Rashi.

Everday  recite the Mahalaksmi Kavacham.

Chant Vishnu Shashranamam.

Om Tuesdays light lamps and do Archanai to Goddess Durga.

Do all Remedies and pray regularly and may the year be a good and happy year for you.

Lucky Stone: Diamond

Star Rating:.5 *****

Score: 80/100

Guruji’s Blessings Always


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