Leo Zodiac Sign/Simham/Chingam Rashi 2019 Astrology Predictions including these stars ( Magha or Magham, Pubba or Pooram, Uttaram or Uthiram (1st Padam).

Leo Zodiac Sign/Simham/Chingam Rashi 2019 Astrology Predictions including these stars ( Magha or Magham, Pubba or Pooram, Uttaram or Uthiram (1st Padam).

For Leo, this year generally will be a good year with some changes happening. There will be some uncomfortable situations in January, but from February onwards it will be good. Financial gains are expected. Can buy new house, vehicles. You can expect happiness through kids and some good luck from other sources. Be careful from allergies and unexpected fears which might affect your health. Employed people will see a rise on their career front. Good time for business people. March, April months are favourable months for Leo Rashi. You will be able to complete all the unfinished tasks of previous years. Outstanding legal cases and disputes will  be resolved favourably. November, December months are favourable months, where you can expect good fortune. Lovers should be careful. Husband and wife should openly talk and clear all misunderstandings. With prayers and remedies, Leo Sign people can look forward to have a beautiful year ahead.


Business people can expect great gains in their business. Business will rise to great heights. Great year for Professionals. If you put in extra effort in your career, you will achieve good results faster. This year will be a great time financially for Leo Rashi. Luck is in your favour. People who have debts, will have an opportunity to clear the debts. Good time to improve your finances.


Students are able to achieve their goals. Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers & Film Personalities will experience good growth. Good period for farmers. People belonging to this rashi will experience good results by the end of the year. Students taking their exams in March/ April with more efforts will achieve good results.


Minor ailments may occur. Be careful not to get addicted to any bad habits due to mental stress. Chances of allergies, asthama or urinary related sickness. Take extra care of kids below 5 years. Take appropriate treatment at the right time and do prayers for a year free from ailments.


Beginning of 2019, there will be difference of opinion between parents  and children. Husband and wife should openly talk and clear all misunderstandings immediately. Lovers should also avoid tiffs inorder to avoid separation. People seeking for love will find their love by the end of this year.

 Effects of various planetary transitions in the year 2019 for Leo/ Simha Rashi.

On 7.3.2019 at 5.28 am Transit of Rahu from Cancer Rashi to Leo Rashi (11th House) . This transit is  favourable for Leo/,Simha sign.

On 7.3.2019 at 5.28 am Transit of Ketu which is in Capricorn will transit into Leo. This transit will be in Sagittarius(5th house). This is not favourable for Leo.

On 29.3.2019 at 3.06 am Guru( Jupiter) which is in Taurus Rashi (4th house of Leo)will transit into Sagittarius(5th House). This transit is  favourable for Leo Rashi.

On 23.4.2019 at 18 49 pm. Retrograde in Scorpio. From Sagittarius it will re-enter into Scorpio. This transition is average for Leo/ Simha rashi.

On 5.11.2019 at 1.02 am . Fron Vrishcikam/ Scorpio Rashi, Jupiter will transit into Sagittarius. This transit is favourable for Leo.

 Guruji Says:

Year 2019 Gochara Phalam for people of  Leo Sign.

January is a month, where you will overcome all your obstacles. March,April,November & December you will start new projects and achieve success. Old & Outstanding court cases will be resolved in your favour. You will be able to get back money from people who owe you. After March, you might get money from some unexpected source. Regularly do prayers and remedies for a smooth and happy 2018


 Remedies/Pariharam for Leo/ Simha Rashi.

On Tuesdays offer Pushpanjali/Archana and light sesame lamp at Bhadrakali Temple.

Read Ayyappa Stotram .

On Thursdays: Light ghee lamps and offer Tulsi Garlands to Lord Krishna.

Thursdays: Offer Chickpea garlands and lamps to Lord Guru.

Offer food to the needy.Buy medicines to the under privileged. Do good deeds and pray.

Guruji’s Blessings Always…

Lucky Stone: Ruby

Star Rating:.4.5 ****

Score: 80/100

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