Capricorn Zodiac Sign / Makaram or Makara Rashi 2019 Astrology Predictions

Capricorn Zodiac Sign / Makaram or Makara Rashi  2019 Astrology Predictions including these stars Uttarashada or Uthiradam 2,3,4 padas,  Sharavana or Thiruvonam, Dhanistha or Avittam (1, Padam).

 Capricorn natives will welcome 2019 with a good time until March. After March, time is not that favourable. All the things that you are involved in will face a sudden hindrance. Things might even slow down for you. Financially, income will be less. For those who are working, times are bad and may even face warnings from higher officers. For businessmen, business may slow down. There are higher chances of facing business problems. Be careful and start planning earlier. Health is better this year. Only small health issues may arise but not to worry about them. You will have a happy family life generally. This is a good year for those seeking love. It is also a good time to go abroad. May- Oct 2019: Time is a little favourable. With proper planning ahead, can reduce impact of hindrances. Nov- Dec 2019: There is a higher chance of facing unexpected problems. Be careful. Pray and trust in God.


Money that was previously flowing in well has a higher chance of slowing down this year.  After March, expenses will rise and income will fall. For those doing business, there may be financial problems and tensions but you can overcome it. At the end of the year be careful about financial growth.  There is a chance to get loans, money from relatives and gold this year. Aug- Oct 2019: There are chances to get big financial wealth.

Career :

 You may face problems in career but you will have the ability to think through and solve them. There are chances to get a foreign job. You may get a job transfer that you won’t like. You may face a break in your job where you might be forced to take a few days off from your job or  a warning letter from a senior officer.  Be wary in such situations. Avoid arguments at all costs. For Students This is a good year for students. If you work hard, you will succeed academically. For those who want to study abroad, this is the best time.


Jan – Feb 2019: Generally unsatisfactory. There may be fights in the family but that will help to strengthen your bonds for the future. After March 2019, family ties will be strong.  There are chances of going for a family tour. Expect good opinions from family members on some issues. However there are chances of facing disappointment from siblings. For those in love, this is a good year.

Effects of various planetary transitions in the year 2019 for Capricorn/ Magara Rashi.

On 7.3.2019 at 5.28 am  Ketu is transiting to Sagittarius from Capricorn.

This transit is not favourable for Capricorn/Magara sign.

On 7.3.2019 at 5.28 am  Rahu which is in the 7th house, will transit into 6th house of Gemini sign. This is favourable for Capricorn.

On 29.3.2019 Guru( Jupiter)Which is in 11th House of  Capricorn  Rashi will transit into 12th house.  This transit is  not favourable  for Capricorn Rashi.

On 23.4.2019 at 18 49 pm. Retrograde in Scorpio. Jupiter is transiting to Scorpio from Saggitarius. This transition is favourable for Capricorn sign.

On 5.11.2019 at 1.02 am . From  Scorpio Rashi, Jupiter will transit into Sagittarius. This transit is not favourable for Capricorn Rashi.

Guruji Says:

Year 2019 Gochara Phalam for people of  Capricorn Sign.

 Nothing to fear. Good planning and belief in God will make this year more favourable. Don’t expect money and don’t  waste  your savings. Problems in finance may come. There are higher chances for job loss or job transfers that you won’t like. Be careful. Planning ahead can reduce these negative impacts. Relatives may become your enemy. There may be arguments. By March 2019, you can buy a new vehicle. For students, this is an excellent year. Individuals involved in poetry and creative writing will seek victory.

The 7 1/2 Shani, influence of Ketu and Jupiter’s transit to Sagittarius is not favourable for Capricorn. Prayers and remedies can make this year favourable.

Remedies/Pariharam for Capricorn/ Magara Rashi.

On Fridays do Kumkum archana and light ghee lamp in Bhadrakali Temple.

On Saturdays, light seasame lamp for Shani Bhagvan.

Offer Vada mala and ghee lamp for Lord Hanuman.

On Mondays, offer vilva mala and ghee lamp to Lord Shiva.

Guruji’s Blessings Always…

Lucky Stone: Blue Sapphire

Star Rating:3 ***

Score: 70/100

God Bless. Guruji… USA:+1(336)606-0579

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