Aquarius Zodiac Sign / Kumbham Rashi 2019 Astrology Predictions

Aquarius Zodiac Sign /  Kumbham Rashi  2019 Astrology Predictions including these stars (Dhanista or Avittam(3,4 Padas), Shatabhista or Chatayam), (Purvabhadra or Purathardhi (1st ,2nd,3rd Padam).

Aquarius natives will welcome 2019 with thousand fortunes. Year 2019 will be a year of good fortune, luck god’s grace for Aquarians. Beginning of the year you will see some improvement in your financial status, which from April onwards will increase substantially. Good income, savings, Buying of new house, vehicles ,jewellery are on the cards for Aquarians. This year you can call it a “God Blessed Year” for Aquarians. Good improvement and rise for employed and business professionals. Through shares and lottery your income will rise. Married life will be good.  You may experience mental tensions due to kids. Behaviour of your relatives and enemies will cause you stress. Foreign travel on the cards. You will inherit family wealth or property. All in all ,this is a very fortunate year for Aquarius/ Kumbha Rashi.


You are blessed with lot of good fortune this year. You will receive income from different ways and various sources. Business will run profitably. Business people will venture into new fields. Unknown people will also hand over their money to you. Students will receive awards and scholarships this year. Artists will receive wealth through recognition.


Good time for all careers for people of Aquarius Rashi. Business people will expand their business. Good time for students. Army & Police professionals will receive recognition.


Good and happy time for married couples. Difference of opinions will take place with kids. Good time for lovers. Marriages will take place this year. People seeking love will get lovers.


Good time on the health front, yet due to some personal tensions  health will be  a bit disturbed.

Effects of various planetary transitions in the year 2019 for Aquarius/ Kumbha Rashi.

On 7.3.2019 at 5.28 am  Rahu which is in the 6th house of Aquarius will transit into 5th house of Aquarius in Gemini Rashi. This transit is favourable for Aquarius/Kumbha sign.

On 7.3.2019 at 5.28 am  in  ,Ketu which is in the 12th house of Aquarius, will transit into 11th house. This is also favourable for Aquarius.

On 29.3.2019 at 3.06 am Guru( Jupiter) Which is in 10th House of  Aquarius Rashi will transit into 11th house.  This transit is extremely favourable  for Aquarius Rashi.

On 23.4.2019 at 18 49 pm. Retrograde in Scorpio. From Sagittarius it will re-enter into Scorpio. This transition is not favourable for Aquarius rashi.

On 5.11.2019 at 1.02 am . From Scorpio Rashi, Jupiter will transit into Sagittarius. This transit is extremely favourable for Aquarius Rashi.

Guruji Says:

Year 2019 Gochara Phalam for people of  Aquarius Sign.

Capitalise on the favourable wind which is in your direction and achieve success. Happiness in family life. Health will be good. Everything will be the way you desire. Even though you will be in the ring of victory,there will always be a fear of enemies. With prayers and pure mind,you can overcome these problems. Donate to the poor. If your planets are in favourable positions in your horoscope then this Gochara Phalam will be an excellent one. #Remedies/Pariharam for Aquarius/ Kumbha Rashi.

On Fridays do Gurudhi Pushpanjali in Bhadrakali Temple.

On Tuesdays do Shatru Samhara Puja in Devi Temple.

Donate as much as you can to the underpriviliged.

Guruji’s Blessings Always…

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