Today Vedic Star – Rohini

Today all over the world millions of children are born. Parents no wonder are curious of the future of their kids. We are predicting the star based future now, for those born under vedic star Rohini.  This is the 4th star out of the 27 nakshatra. This belongs to Edavam rashi. Those born under this nakshatra  are honest,  handsome and beautiful persons. They will be rich and with sweet talk will attract people and will have a good career. They might have vision problems causing them to wear spectacles.

Please verify your star, padam, dasha and birth chart according to your child birth time and place, for free in our astrology web portal online. www. astrologerglobal.com  and you can click on to the “Free Vedic Basic Horoscope” link.  For more accurate individual predictions consult our astrologers.  

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